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Old Bitch Still Knows How To Party

She may not be the prettiest thing, but she's loyal to the game. You know back in her day, she was the neighborhood cum bucket - but now, her best years are far behind her and she remembers the good ol' days of her prime.

You know who makes out good in this deal? The asshole that fell in love with her a long time ago and decided to lock it up and marry her. He heard all the stories about she was a fuck machine and how easy it was to get up in that pussy. After people he knew got their shit off in her, he finally got his chance. And because it was so easy, he thought he was a stud. WRONG! She was just a fucking whore!But lock it down and she became HIS fucking whore.

Now look at her. An old whore. But she's still loves to fuck... and send these naughty pics of her to remind him that she's still the slut her first met.
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